The cat is out of the bag for the new Motorola Atrix 3. Apparently, the phone, which is known as the Motorola Dinara in other countries, should be debuting sometime soon in the United States. It just passed its Bluetooth SIG certs. The phone, which we hinted at previously, has the model name, Motorola MB886. Here's a quote with some final details that seem to confirm our previous rumors:

The Motorola MB886 will feature a touchscreen with HD720p resolution with a Qualcomm dual-core S4 processor under the hood and 1GB of RAM aboard. The camera will be a major focus here with a 13MP sensor. There will also be a front-facing shooter so you can take self-portraits for the egotist in you, and enable video chats. The Motorola ATRIX 3 will also launch with Android 4.0 installed and feature both LTE and HSPA+ connectivity. We should see this tagged at about $199.99 with a 2-year pact with a launch via AT&T as soon as next month.

Source: Atrixforums via PhoneArena