Of course you knew that there had to be a few last minute rumors hitting the interwebs just prior to the official stuff happening at 11:30am CDT, didn't you? The media certainly does like to get folks even more excited just before any big announcement, (and that of course includes us here on the forum news team). We have two more final "confirmations" that Google intends to announce the upcoming Asus & Google Nexus tablet.
  • The first is supposed confirmation from an executive at Asustek that the tablet will indeed be a co-branded Asus and Google Nexus tablet, and that it is designed to compete head-on with the Kindle Fire.
  • The second confirmation is the picture you see above. That shot of a Nexus banner was taken aimed directly at the third floor of the Moscone Center.

So, there you have it. The final rumors are out, but the real deal happens in just a couple of hours, and we will know everything for sure. Over at our sister-site, DroidForums.net, we have a link to the live coverage of Google I/O 2012. Here's a link: Droid Forum - Dedicated Verizon Android Forum - Droid, Droid2, Droid3, Droid4, Droid X, Droid X2, Bionic, RAZR - Google I/O - 2012.

Picture Source: TalkAndroid