According to a surprisingly pro-Google and anti-Apple lawsuits story over at, Samsung and Google are completely fed up with Apple's hyper-agressive courtroom shenanigans against Android. They plan a superhero team-up against the mighty Juggernaut of Apple's lawyers (this metaphor was mine not theirs). In fact, Google is trying to help out HTC in their legal fight against Apple as well.

As we reported recently, Apple won injunctions against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Because of this, Google and Samsung have had enough, and are developing a joint "game-plan" to try and stop Apple. A source from within Samsung supposedly said, "It’s too early to comment on our game plan (with Google) in the legal battle; but we will do our best to get more royalties from Apple, which has benefited from our technology. The fight is becoming more dramatic and the possibility of a truce in the form of a cross-licensing deal, seems to be becoming likely."

Also, here's a quote from the article that seems to indicate they are actually sympathetic to Samsung, Google and HTC,

Samsung appealed the judge’s grant to Apple for the preliminary injunction this weekend. An injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would certainly be rough for both Google and Samsung. In the mean time, Samsung is anxiously waiting to hear what the judge rules. Interestingly nothing has happened to Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which is expected to sell 10 million units in July.

Samsung and Google are obviously fed up with being attacked, and they just want to move on with creating products. Google also wants to have a similar partnership with HTC. It certainly looks like Apple will have quite the Android force against them.
Obviously this is great news for Android, and hopefully something good will come from it. What is most surprising is the general tone of the 9to5mac article. It really seems as if they are feeling sorry for Samsung and Google. (I may be reading more into the article than was intended, but read it at the source link below and come back to share your opinion.) If it is true that this 9to5mac article really is sympathetic to Samsung and Google, then perhaps Apple should pay attention to this. When your own biggest fans start doubting and questioning you, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

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Source: 9to5mac