Apparently, Android Jelly Bean is so incredible it's heat has melted its own statue in front of the Google offices. Well, okay, it was probably the Summer heat and sun that was the actual culprit, but it makes for an amusing story regardless. Yes, the brand new Jelly Bean Android statue that Googlers erected in their front yard, partially melted and its Android head came off. This information was recently conveyed by Google's Dan Morrill via his Google+ account. He also shared that they think someone made off with one of the Jelly Beans. Strange. Here's the full quote from his Google+ post which you can see at the source link below,

Jelly Bean is so ridiculously hot that the JB statue overheated, and his head partially melted and popped off.

And then we think somebody stole one of the jelly beans. People: please don't steal our jelly beans.

Anyway, they've got the poor guy coned off now, for your safety but mostly for mine. But fear not, the designer is already working on a bug fix.
I love the "working on a bug fix" comment. It's good to know they have the some of the top engineers in the world working on the conundrum.

Source: Google+ - Dan Morrill