Some new rumors coming from AllThingsD suggest seem to confirm and add more information to earlier reports regarding the next iteration of the Amazon Kindle Fire. The new intel seems to confirm that the launch of the device is imminent and will likely occur before the end of the third quarter. It also indicates that the device will be thinner and lighter, will have a rear camera, and the display will have a higher pixel density and resolution. Here's a quote with some of the info,

Now the report says that the redesigned second edition of Amazon's Android tablet will be slimmer and lighter, and will feature a rear camera this time. Most importantly, screen resolution will supposedly be upped to 1280x800 pixels, unlike the current 1024x600 panel.

Screen aspect ratio will be thus altered from 1.71 to 1.6. The improvement of pixel density is about 30% compared to the currernt Kindle Fire, and brings it in line with the Google Nexus 7 slate. The new Kindle Fire is expected to hit the shelves in late Q3...
It looks like the tablet wars are about to heat up the end of the summer!

Source: Kindle-FireForum via PhoneArena