The folks making the OUYA Android gaming console have updated information available on their Kickstarter page. Thanks to all the attention they received so quickly, they are currently working directly with NVIDIA on a performance maximized Tegra 3 chipset for the console. Also because of the fantastic response, (they actually had over 35,000 backers pledge money to their project and are up to almost $5 Million now), they have run out of developer rewards, so they are trying to come up with some more ideas. One idea they are mulling over is to offer devs early access to the circuit board for the console. Here's a quote from them,

And you game developers..
We know, we ran out of the developer rewards (it happened faster than expected!). We’ve assessed our ability to deliver and have refreshed both tiers of developer awards.

And we had a crazy idea—if folks are interested—we might consider a reward that would allow devs to start working from the raw circuit board at an even earlier date, allowing them to get a head start on development. And maybe we’d add one more level that gives you just the software—no early console. Tell us what you think
It's amazing what gamers will do when they come together for something exciting!

Source: KickStarter