If you check Amazon Wireless, it looks like there are some special prices and some price drops to be found for the Samsung Galaxy S III already, and they include each of the three major carriers. For AT&T, the SGS3 went down to $189.99 on a new contract or $149.99 on a renewed contract. For Verizon, the price is $149.99 on a new or renewed contract. And, for Sprint, the price has dropped to $139.99 on a new contract or $149.99 for a renewed contract.

It's amazing that one of the most advanced smartphones to ever come to market is dropping in price so quickly. These are amazing deals on a fantastic device! Be sure to click on the source link above for your respective carrier if you are ready to get yours. (All the links above point to the 16GB Pebble Blue & New Contract version, but feel free to navigate around once you get there if you prefer a different color, storage size and/or plan.)

Source: S3Forums