We may have stumbled onto a small and isolated issue with the Nexus 7 Tablet, or we may have just uncovered a bigger problem with the screens on the Nexus 7. Today we received a shipment of three (3) Nexus 7 Tablets for office and development use, and noticed shortly after setting them up that one of them exhibited a washed-out screen that was also plagued with "ghosting." For those of you unfamiliar with the term ghosting, it simply means that whatever image/widgets/apps/clock etc was on the screen previously, they are still barely visible when you move or swipe to another screen. The picture above is a prime example of ghosting. You can see the time is still barely visible after unlocking the Tablet.

In case you are wondering why we take such terribly washed out pictures, we can tell you that is not the fault of the camera. This is how the screen looked after taking it out of sleep mode and moving through the various screens. So what did we do to try and fix this issue. First in the line of business was to go to the obvious and play with the brightness settings. That was a no go. Next up was to shut the device down completely. Upon restarting the tablet we finally fixed the problem....or not. The same issue reared it's ugly head once again. Now it was time to take radical measures to get this problem fixed. When all else fails, reset. Much to our disappointment the reset did not work. We'd like to note that the problem didn't instantly appear. It happened approximately an hour later after setting up the tablet.

This all may be just an isolated incident with only a few devices affected, but we can't be sure until more units hit customers hands. We did notice however that a user on XDA seems to be suffering through the same problem. We have reached out to Google to see if this is just an isolated problem and will report back if we hear anything. For inquiring minds our units came via the Play Store. We'd love to hear if anyone else is experiencing this issue, so please sound off in the comments and let us know.

Source: Nexus Tablets