I guess not all news regarding the Samsung Galaxy S III is good news. According to a few reports, the flagship device is experiencing some build quality issues related to its casing. When the phone was first introduced it was reported that the first batch of Pebble Blue cases had a slew of about 600,000 that needed to be destroyed due to faults in the manufacturing process leaving aesthetic flaws. Apparently, there are some other issues cropping up with the device. Several users around the web are reporting small cracks showing up on the back case in various places, from around the camera to the side. Supposedly, this is not due to mishandling either. The cracks just started forming for these users after normal daily use and no drops.

While it's far too early to tell if this is a systemic problem with the overall design of the cases, it is still worth reporting, just in case it is something that Samsung needs to investigate further. More than likely this could simply fall under the normal margin of error for the manufacture of any product. Sound off in the forums if you are seeing this same problem.

Source: S3Forums via PhoneArena