The roll out of the Nexus 7 tablets has seen it's fair share of problems ranging from loose creaky screens to wash-out. Another potential defect has surfaced although we are not ready to call it widespread just yet. Ryan, over at, stumbled on an issue that effects the Nexus 7's inability to registers inputs. It appears that after playing a graphic intensive game for a while, the right side of the screen (portrait mode) will stop picking up touch inputs. When it does pick up an input it quickly loses connection. This issue will not only be present in the game you are playing, it will spill into other areas of the UI because the only known fix is to shut off the display momentarily. So swiping can become quite a chore when trying to swipe from right to left, and trying to navigate an app when half the screen is "dead" could quickly became a test of patience. Although gaming seems to cause this issue the most, it was noted that it could be caused from running other applications, but it is rare. Speculation has suggested that this issue may be caused by an overheating issue, and possibly some other "contributing factors." We have to say that we agree that it may be due to both, because if it was only a heat related issue, then turning off the screen for a couple of seconds wouldn't solve the issue.

We'd like to hear from our readers. Have you noticed this type of behavior on your Nexus 7 after gaming or using the tablet for an extended period of time?

Source: Geek