According to industry sources, Samsung may already be prepping to launch flexible AMOLED displays for devices by as early as this quarter. Over the past year, we have shared several stories related to Samsung's breakthrough flexible display technology, but this is the first time we have seen any news indicating that it could be coming soon.

There is one caveat to this new release though. According to the same industry insider source, the initial run of flexible displays will still be protected by a sheet of glass over the top. The bendy and rollable kind will have to wait until the future. This same report indicates that Samsung is working toward making all of their future displays from the flexible tech without the need for a covering of glass by 2014. Also, Samsung is still planning to launch its first plastic-only fronted flexible display, (called the Youm display), by the end of this year.

The main advantage offered by this technology in the interim is that it will allow them to shrink the total display size down from 1.8mm in thickness to just 1mm in thickness. This will make devices lighter, thinner, and more energy efficient.

Source: The Verge