Samsung has shared that they are planning on launching another Galaxy device soon. They sent out notices suggesting we should pencil in August 15th as the date for us to see the "newest Galaxy." They didn't give any hint as to which device it will be, but the smart money is on the Galaxy Note 2. There has been a lot of buzz lately about that device, and it has been building for the last few months. Some of the previous rumors suggest an August 30th launch date, which would mean an officially announcement on August 15th isn't that surprising.

In fact, we even have a new rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 2 that just surfaced this morning. Supposedly, the latest scuttlebutt is that the new G-Note 2 will actually come with an overclocked (to 1.6GHz) version of the same Quad-Core Exynos that is in the GSM version of the Galaxy S III. In fact, the device seems to have shown up in some GLBenchmarks and posts some impressive scores.

As always, we will be watching this even like a hawk and let you know what comes from it. In the mean-time, let's speculate a bit. If it isn't the G-Note 2, what device do you think it might be?

Source: GLBenchmark