It's pretty exciting that Jelly Bean is already available for the Galaxy Nexus, and owners across the globe are excitedly upgrading their devices to it. For a few users, they have experienced a strange glitch with the new upgrade. Apparently, after applying the Android 4.1.1 patch, their GPS no longer functions properly. For some reason it can't get a fixed location, even while in clear view of satellites. It's definitely a strange anomaly, that can leave you a bit stranded if you use your GPS location tracking much. Luckily, there is a very simple and easy fix to get it going again.

The fix is simply to go to Settings > Location services. Then uncheck and re-check "Google's location service." That's it. Our users have shared that this fix works just fine, so it could simply be a stuck cache setting, that requires a reset to the servers. It's odd that this wasn't caught in testing, but the fix is so easy, that it doesn't look like too much of a problem. Still, we thought it worth sharing, just in case any of our members were experiencing these issues.

Source: GalaxyNexusForum