In a confusing move, the German Dusseldorf appeals court shut down sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet out of the entire European Union, even though a UK court recently ruled that Samsung was not infringing on any patents and ordered Apple to state this on their website. Regardless, their is now a European wide van on the Galaxy Tab 7.7, although the UK may be an exception. No one is for sure just yet. Additionally, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N (the visually altered version of the OG Galaxy Tab 10.1) slipped passed the ban. Basically, somehow the Dusseldorf court agrees with Apple that the 7.7 infringes on the look and feel of the iPad in some way.

Samsung made the following statement regarding the matter, “We will take all available measures to minimise the ruling’s impact on our business operations.” They didn't give any specifics on how in might impact their sales. In fact, it might end up being a non-issue, at least for Samsung. Several retailers are still selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at a fairly high premium of Ł379 ($589). This is a very tough pill to swallow with the Google Nexus 7 selling for less than half that price. Also, most retailers are already selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.7 instead. It looks like the only ones that might be hurt by Apple's ban-hammer are the retailers.

That's it for this story, but we have one more Patent Wars story coming soon, so stay tuned.

Source: SlashGear