With so many excellent Root Toolkits/Utilities already available another one has entered the scene that looks to become the go-to utility for those who wish to root, flash apk's, kernels, boot animations and so much more. XDA member, varun.chitre15, has come up with an ingenious utility that can be used on any handset and the features the utility has will make any hacker smile from ear to ear. Take a look at these features:
  • Complete Flashboot Flasher
  • Any Device Unrooter
  • Complete Recovery tools- 65% done in v1.3.0
  • Kernel Flasher
  • Logcat Collector
  • Boot Animation Changer
  • OTA .exe(Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click)
  • Complete kitchen tools (An alternative to dsixdas kitchen)...Under construction, 15% done in v1.3.0
  • Any device tweaker
  • Complete Theming Engine(An alternative to UOT Kitchen)
  • Font changer
  • APK Installer
  • Suggestions are Welcome!
  • A good UI
  • Cross Platform
  • Recovery porter (Will be part of kitchen tools)
To say that's a pretty impressive list is an understatement. If that is still not enough to impress you, how does the ability to zip align apk's, factory reset, fix permissions and install busybox strike you? So how do you get this Mega Utility? Head on over to XDA and download it. Enjoy everyone and happy hacking.


Via: Droid Forums