We have something remarkably cool to share with you guys today. One of our members on DroidForums.net has been developing a creative, informative and entertaining project for quite a while now. His username in the forums is Serpico, and he has been instrumental in the past in helping us with Android figurine contests and giveaways by donating them for us. His latest endeavor/adventure is that he developed the Android Rocket & Aeronautics Commission (ANDRAC). It's is basically just a sub-orbital version of NASA, only it's for Android figurines!

Since, I won't be able to explain it any better than he does himself, here are the details in a quote straight from the ANDRAC website,

Android Rocket & Aeronautics Commission (ANDRAC) was formed in 2012 to organize and oversee sub orbital As-droid-naut missions. An As-droid-naut is the term used to describe an Android Figurine modified and trained for sub orbital ANDRAC missions.

ANDRAC's focus: Plan, Prepare, and Execute sub orbital As-droid-naut missions to take Android Figurine's higher, faster, further, and beyond.

ANDRAC sub orbital missions may utilize several different vehicle configurations and/or vehicles to propel or carry "As-droid-nauts". Specifically a mission must meet the following three goals:
  • The mission must provide for As-droid-naut mission specialist(s) protection and/or recovery.
  • The mission must attain pre-determined altitudes, speeds, or distances considered uncharacteristic of an Android Figurine in it's normal operating environment.
  • The mission must specify the vehicle (or vehicles) specifics used in the mission.

Sub orbital altitude missions can be just as dangerous and challenging as orbital altitude missions. ANDRAC is committed not only to achieving successful sub orbital altitude missions but also making them safe for our As-droid-naut mission specialists and the general public.

Thank You for your interest.
The video above is his first official launch that was held on July 21st.

What can we say? This is one of the coolest things we have seen in a long time. You owe it to yourself to check out his website below, but be forewarned, you may have a "nerdgasm." :D

Source: ANDRAC
Here is his Twitter Profile where you can see several cool Android Figurine pics: https://twitter.com/AndroidWasHere