The new Verizon Share Everything Plan was obviously disappointing to a lot of folks, but it is all that is available now if you are a new user or want to get a new phone subsidized. If we can find ways to share with you guys that will take any amount of sting out of it, then we are happy to do so. Here is one such example. Amazon Wireless is currently having a special if you sign up for a new Verizon Share Everything Data Plan, you will get a $40 credit back on your bill eventually. It only applies to select Verizon phones which you can check out at the link below. The deal even includes flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Motorola Droid 4.

I wouldn't let this entice me away from a Grandfathered Unlimited Plan, but if that is already gone for you, or you need a new account activation anyway, then at least you can save $40 bucks.

Source: AmazonWireless