There are some more official Nexus 7 accessories coming straight from Asus soon. The first one is a Case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. This one works as a folio for the Nexus 7, and includes a kick-stand on the back to stand the tablet upright. It also includes a splash-proof Bluetooth keyboard, and a microUSB for recharging. It includes a leather outer shell and a microfiber interior lining. The Bluetooth keyboard case will sell for be 79.95 ($125).

The next accessory is a rotating leather stand case. It props up the Nexus 7, but allows you to swivel between landscape and portrait orientation. This one also has a leather casing and a microfiber interior. Additionally, there is another case just like this one, except that it does not include the rotating functionality. Also, there is a screen protector, which is designed to be scratch resistance and offer better contrast for the Nexus 7′s display. The rotating case will sell for 27.95 ($44), the non-rotating version will be 22.95 ($36), while the screen protector will be 14.95 ($23).

What do you guys think? Do these cases look like a better option than the ones on the Google Play Store?