The growth the Android market has been experiencing is a little less significant than before, but still pretty important to note. Androlib just recently declared the major 200,000 app count for our beloved mobile smartphone OS. This means just a few years after being lunched, it has almost as much apps as the over so popular and older, iPhone app store.
The number that we have is a rough estimate sadly, and from what Engadget says, Androlib is not always the best source for accurate information since they alleged stated the Android Market had 100K apps when it only had 70K. Never the less, we do hope this number is true, even though I am sure many of us donít have more than 30 apps (not including stock) installed on their device.

Source (App store milestones: Windows Phone 7 hits 5,000 as Android passes 200,000 available apps -- Engadget)