We thought rather than give a lengthy and detailed description of every single Apple vs. Samsung patent war event in their trial, we would give you some brief summaries of what is new (and interesting) in the saga.

First, as a follow-up to the story from yesterday, Apple had the most ridiculous and draconian request in order to punish Samsung for leaking evidence to the public. They basically asked the judge to immediately declare them the victors and give them everything they wanted. Here's a quote from the Apple lawyers,

“Apple requests that the Court issue sanctions granting judgment that Apple’s asserted phone design patent claims are valid and infringed by Samsung.”
Second, Judge Koh responded to Apple today on this motion and basically denied this ludicrous request. Things aren't rosy for Samsung though. The judge listed out the five reasons she believes that Samsung wants to use the "Sony-style" evidence. These reasons are,

“(1) [to] rebut Apple’s creation theory that the iPhone was ‘revolutionary’; (2) to rebut allegations of copying; (3) to establish that the industry at large was moving toward the basic design concepts; (4) to prove design functionality; and (5) to rebut allegations of willfulness.”

Judge Koh, however, will only allow Samsung to attempt to prove the fourth one reason, and will not permit the others.

Third, Apple is extremely frightened of today's court proceedings because Samsung plans to introduce Apple's closely guarded device specific sales numbers to the court as part of their defense. This of course, will indirectly give it to the public, and Apple doesn't want that. They have filed a motion to block Samsung from releasing this info. They claimed to the court that it will cause “severe harm to Apple” if disclosed. The judge has yet to rule on this.

Source: SlashGear 1 & 2