Here's a slightly off-topic editorial. With the Patent Wars raging across the land, threatening to cause a global apocalypse of epic proportions (okay... maybe a slight exaggeration), it's easy to get a little disgusted. Of course, sometimes in life, when you see things that make you shake your head in dismay, that is a ripe opportunity for humor as well. Here's a case in point. One of our observant moderators, Jeffrey, found this hilarious list of 20 different "ingenious" patents that were created by celebrities. Some of them are a quite a bit silly, while a few are actually decent concepts. Ultimately, while the list is quite humorous, it is also thought provoking... if a Hollywood celebrity understands patents better than the current USPTO, then we are in a world of hurt!

The pic above is just one of the patents. Check out the link below to see the rest, and then come back and discuss your own crazy patent ideas.

Nice find Jeffrey!

Source: Wired