Here's a couple of juicy Samsung Galaxy tidbits for you guys. First up, the above pic is supposedly a leaked pic of the final version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The smart money would bet that this one os probably a fake, as it looks like a fairly cheesy render-job. Still, even if it is a fake, it's actually possible that the "artist" might have surmised the details correctly and accidentally gives us a worthy simulacrum. There were some details that allegedly came along with this pic, but it isn't much different than what we have heard before. The phablet will supposedly have a 5.5-inch 1280 x 800-pixel Super AMOLED screen. What is different than previous rumors is that the device will supposedly come with a regular RGB matrix, rather than PenTile, and will not be a 1080p screen. I wouldn't hold your breath on that, except that the lack of 1080p seems like a good guess.

The second tasty morsel to ride along on this rumor train is that the Galaxy S III may get Android 4.1/Jelly Bean as early as August 29th. This would be pretty thrilling news if true. Of course, we will keep you informed if/when we find out anything more.

Source: GSMArena