Sprint is pushing very hard to overcome their past negative stigma (that may have been deserved at some point but is no longer, based upon our testing). Besides improving and expanding their network coverage, they have also risen to equal Verizon in customer service and support in recent years. Additionally, they have wisely abandoned their WiMAX 4G network in favor of a 4G LTE network. They are rapidly growing this network and are actually ahead of schedule, sometimes even opening up 4G LTE coverage in areas before they even announce them. Additionally, during this 4G LTE network upgrade, they are taking the extra additional preparatory steps to make sure that when the next level of LTE becomes available in a few years (Advanced-LTE), they will be far ahead of their competitors in activating that higher end service.

It seems they are also taking things to a new level in the marketing department as well. If this leaked marketing promo above turns out to be real, they will be offering a pretty ridiculous deal to sign up new families to their service. According to the promo, Sprint may plan to offer $400 dollars of in-store credit toward anything they offer if a new customer signs up for a new Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plan with three or more lines. Obviously, this is designed to entice whole families, and is actually quite a brilliant marketing idea. What better way to grab several customers from their competitors at once, than to offer a promotion that can actually save a significant amount of money for a family. And, don't forget that Sprint is still the only "real" Unlimited Data Plan service left, and that is truly unlimited. They have no data caps or speed reductions whatsoever.

There are some restrictions to this deal, and even though it is just a rumor at this point, just in case it becomes real, here is a quote with the full details shown in the pic,

For activating three or more lines on an Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plan, Sprint will give you $400 of in-store credit that can be used towards the purchase of "qualifying devices", such as new phones. Your signature under a 2-year contract is required too, and the lines must be active for at least 60 days. The offer will be available in stores only, starting August 19 and running through September 15.

There are more than a few details that we should mention, however. First of all, tablets, USB modems, and accessories do not qualify for the promo. Also, you cannot receive a mail-in rebate should the phone you are getting using the $400 credit be eligible for one. In addition, the credit must be used in full at the time of purchase. But most importantly, one line must be ported in from another carrier that is not affiliated with Sprint. For example, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Common Cents Mobile are Sprint subsidiaries and operate on its cellular network.
Source: PhoneArena