A new analytical study suggests that the Google Nexus 7 could sell as many as 8 Million units this year. This is far higher than Google's internal estimate of just 3 Million units. Based upon a study by Gartner, Google already sold between 1 Million and 1.5 Million Nexus 7 tablets since its debut five weeks ago. Additionally, June and July shipments of Nexus 7 touch panels from TPK Holding and Wintek supposedly reached 2.4 Million, and another 6 Million are expected to be shipped in the third quarter.

Based upon these figures, and some forward-thinking projections, Sameer Sing, founder of Tech-Thoughts, believes the Nexus 7 will likely hit a 6-8 Million figure. One other factor is that Amazon's Kindle Fire sold 5 Million units since its debut, so Google should be able to at least match that. Here's a quote with a conclusion based upon this extrapolation,

Taking a 35% QoQ sales growth as a mean estimate, with the limiting condition that sales are unlikely to fall from Q3 to Q4, we get a sales estimate of about 3-5 million units in Q4 2012. This takes the total sales estimate in 2012 to 6-8 million units. These numbers would be a huge boost to Android tablets in their market share battle with the iPad and, in combination with the new Kindle Fire, would put them well on track to meet my mid-2013 market share expectation.

Conclusion - Based on these data points, the estimate for the current sales volume of the Nexus 7 is over one million units. In total, we can expect about 3 million units to be sold in Q3 2012 and another 3-5 million units to be sold in Q4 2012.
Mr. Sing's detailed estimate is impressive and we look forward to seeing if his projections hold true.

Source: NexusTablets.net via Tech-Thoughts.net