Leave it to a third party company to create a case product for the Nexus 7 that is better and cheaper than the official Google version. A company called Blurex released their new Ultra-Slim Case for Google Nexus 7 inch Tablet, and not only is it more useful, functional and feature-rich than the official Google version found on the Play Store, it also is $5 bucks cheaper. The Blurex case is made of a faux leather and microfiber, and includes a couple of features that the Google one is lacking. For one, it can function as a multi-angle stand with two different slots for the tablet. Also, it includes a magnet to sleep or awaken your tablet when closing or opening.

We haven't actually had a chance to get our hands on this yet, but from the way it appears, it could be a real winner. Strangely, we couldn't find the case on the company's official website, but it is available on Amazon. Here's a link below to Amazon if you would like to grab one for yourself.

Source: NexusTablets.net via Amazon - Blurex Google Nexus 7 Case