Here's a middle of the week Apple vs. Samsung compilation. Today the biggest news is that the lawyers have said their peace and the case is now in the jury's hands. Since this is a big step in the process, rather than wait until the end of the week for everything, we wanted to share some links to the relevant stories that occurred so far, leading up to the beginning of jury deliberations. Below is a list of headlines with links to those stories. At the end of this week, we will still have another wrap-up compilation article with any relevant news.

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Copied IPhone Feature, Apple Says ~ Bloomberg

First, we want to lead off with a separate case going on between Samsung and Apple currently. If you remember, not long ago, Apple tried to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned, claiming that the phone copies features of the iPhone. Apple lost this case, but is now appealing the decision in front of a U.S. Appeals Court. Above is the headline and the story.

Samsung Scores a Victory Regarding Jury’s Instructions ~ TalkAndroid

Second, Samsung scored a minor victory against Apple just before the final closing statements and jury deliberations. If you remember correctly, not long ago it was reported that Samsung had failed to preserve certain evidence pertaining to the case. Apple tried to make it look like Samsung was a villain and had purposefully destroyed evidence. The reality of the situation was that Samsung's email system was set to auto-purge old emails after a certain period of time, and that some of the older and almost irrelevant data was deleted. Additionally, these emails were deleted by the system before Apple even filed any lawsuits. Judge Koh, ruled that jury instructions would share that both Samsung and Apple failed to preserve emails that could have included evidence, and that they were both to blame for anything missing.

Apple closing statement brings most damning documents yet vs Samsung ~ SlashGear

Third, Apple's closing statements showed comparison pictures from internal Samsung documents that make it look like Samsung really did copy some of Apple's ideas. This looks to be some pretty damaging evidence, but it still doesn't invalidate some of Samsung's counter-points, regarding the validity of Apple's patents, and the validity of how much Samsung actually harmed Apple (if at all).

In closing arguments, Apple lawyer tells Samsung: "Make your own phones" ~ ArsTechnica

This story above shares a good bit of the closing arguments from both sides. Each side made some pretty clever and convincing arguments. Apple's hinged on the idea that they are the innovators and that Samsung should be punished for piggy-backing off of their designs. Samsung's final statements focused on the idea that Apple is simply trying to stifle their competitors in the courtroom instead of the marketplace. They also made it clear that companies inspire each other all the time, and that Apple obviously copied older designs to arrive at their product too.

The future of mobile device design depends on nine completely random people: here's who ~ PhoneArena

This story shared that the patent trial was over and was now in the hands of the jurors for a decision. I mainly included this story because I loved the pic, and appreciated how PhoneArena included a brief description of the jurors.

After you've sufficiently gleaned any info you desire from the above links, don't forget to head back over here to voice your opinion on the matter!