While it's easy to be angry at Big Red for some of their recent pricing models and other business decisions, you have to say one thing for them, they do have the best network in the industry. That isn't just subjective opinion either. Verizon Wireless was just given the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Best Wireless Network Quality Performance award. They out-scored all of their competition in five regions including the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, West, and Southwest. This survey factored in voice, text, data usage, and network quality. CTO Nicola Palmer had this to say,

This latest study once again speaks loudly and clearly to the outstanding performance of the Verizon Wireless network in terms of customer satisfaction. With our 4G LTE high-speed network’s blazing fast speeds and superior nationwide coverage, Verizon Wireless remains committed to providing its customers with the best networks, devices, and innovative services.
We don't mind giving praise when and where it is due, and Verizon certainly has earned this award.

On a separate note, maybe the new announcement that T-Mobile will switch to Unlimited Data Plans might spur some renewed pricing competition in the marketplace. It's a good thing that the AT&T and T-Mobile merger didn't go through, because that most certainly would not have happened if it had.

Source: TechCrunch