Investment firm Piper Jaffray recently performed a survey that had some intriguing results. Their survey basically asked 3000 respondents several questions related to 4G LTE. The results of this study suggest that most folks either don't care about or don't understand 4G LTE. Almost 50% of those surveyed indicated that they had no need for 4G LTE, over 25% didn't think there was any difference between the competing forms of 4G service, and just 15% believed that LTE was the best form of 4G service.

This basically relegates this service to a "geek/power-user" niche in the eyes of the masses, and that is probably why adoption isn't quite as fast as many carriers have hoped. It also appears that we aren't educating our friends and family members on the facts and merits of 4G LTE. We need to step it up!

Source: PhoneArena