This news isn't directly Android or even mobile related, but it is some cool tech from Google, so we just had to share.

If you thought Google's Project Glass (aka Google Goggles), was only the beginning of something bigger, then you should pat yourself on the back. You were right. Google was just awarded a patent for VR gloves. It looks like they plan to take things to a whole new level, "Johnny Mnemonic" style.

The patent is called, “Seeing with your hand," and the device they are likely developing with the patent is called Google Smart Gloves. The specifics of the patent allow a wide range of possibilities with cameras & detectors on the fingertips, compass, gyroscopes, accelerometers and more. There's no telling how soon they will be able to bring a product like this to market, but it's great to see they were forward thinking with their patent. We might be only a few years away from "Minority Report" interfaces. Very slick!

Now, this is what you call true innovation that deserves a patent, not something meaningless and vague like the patent for a "wedge-shaped design." I wonder who has that one?

Source: PhoneArena