The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III in London was a pretty big event, and expectations were high. At the time of this launch, the SGS3 far surpassed any other product on the market with hardware and software. Now it is just over 90 days later, and it can be argued that the SGS3 is still the standard of measurement for high-end flagship devices. Here in the forums, we love to talk about performance and specs, but most consumers don't really pay attention to most of that, and something about this phone has certainly resonated with them. Samsung just released their most recent sales figures, and the SGS3 has already sold an astounding 20 Million units in less than four months, shattering all of their previous Galaxy records!

Regardless of how the appeals process turns out between the Samsung and Apple legal case, the Galaxy S III is an unmitigated success!

Source: S3Forums via Samsung S. Korea