Here's another rumor for you guys that isn't nearly as exciting as the earlier one, but still might interest a few. Supposedly the pic above is a leaked internal VZW database showing that an HTC Desire 4G LTE device will be coming to Big Red sometime soon. There are a couple of peculiar things to note about this pic. One, the date on the doc has already past. Still, this could be an internal ready by/shipping date and not necessarily an official launch date, so we could see the device at any time now. Two, the list also shows the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE which already launched in July, so this could be a phone either that is either a lower-end budget version of that, or it could be something that is like a higher-end refresh.

That's really just speculation though. For all we know this device could have been cancelled and will never see the light of day. We will keep you informed if we find out anything else useful. We suspect it will likely be a new HTC budget-friendly device for Verizon.

Source: Engadget