David Lawee, Google’s (GOOG) vice president of corporate development, sat down for a video with Bloomberg recently, and during the interview weighed in on why Google was slow to protect itself during the heated patent wars that were mostly started by Apple. The bottom line is that Google used too much reason and logic. They didn't think that rounded corners were something that could earn a patent. Here are his comments,

“We didn’t really believe rounded corners were patentable,” Lawee said. “We just didn’t buy into that notion of protecting your IP and it was a wake up call.”
He further admitted that Google wasn't aggressive enough in patenting its intellectual property. Since their wake-up call, Google has done a much better job protecting itself and getting in the game, including of course the massive buyout of Motorola for their patent portfolio. The video wasn't something we could embed for security reasons, but you can find it at the source link below.

I especially like his comment that the "...thermonuclear world is not the world we are going to live in." Enlightened view. It would be great if all the other tech companies held this same perspective.

Source: BusinessInsider - Bloomberg TV