If the following accusations are true, Google may have recently tainted their "halo" a bit. A new report shares an accusation from a Chinese company called Alibaba. They claim that Google threatened to revoke Acer's Android license if they launched their new CloudMobile A800. This phone supposedly was going to use the Aliyun OS, which is a platform developed by Alibaba. Alibaba wants their mobile OS to rival Google’s Android operating system. Here's a quote with some some additional details on the "drama":

Acer had scheduled to host a news conference today for the unveiling of its Acer A800 smartphone aimed for China. The company however suddenly called off the event with the marketing chief refusing to comment why.

Soon after the cancellation, though, Alibaba spoke saying it was because Google itself had allegedly threatened Acer to revoke its Android license.

Google's move is "clearly unfair to consumers and we are concerned about the impact on customer access to competitive products," an Alibaba spokesperson said in a blog post. The post now seems to have been removed.

Acer marketing chief Muriel Kuan said the event was cancelled for a “special reson,” but didn't give any more details.
Right now we are calling this one a rumor because an accusation does not a fact make. Without more info, there is no way we can know if Alibaba's assertion is accurate. It wouldn't make sense that they would even know about a meeting in which Google really did strong-arm Acer.

While it is possible that the accusation is true, it would definitely be out of the ordinary for Google, and would obviously fly in the face of their "don't be evil" motto. We will keep you apprised if more details emerge.

Source: PhoneArena