Ouch! This video must really burn "ChipZilla's" rear-end! Qualcomm just released a video comparing their Mobile chips to Intel's newest Atom Mobile chip. Qualcomm's technology smokes Intel's stuff, but what is even more amazing is that Qualcomm is actually using their older 2010 chipsets for the comparison! Here's a quote with a few more details,

The video compares usable performance in several areas, including gaming and simple web browsing ó scrolling and zooming. It seems the Snapdragon processor does it better than Intel Atom. Qualcomm also touts compatibility as among the main advantages of its platform. Some apps and games simply wonít work on Intelís platform.

Now thatís not everything there is about the comparison. Qualcomm actually used an old phone ó a 2011 Sony Xperia Arc S with a circa 2010 Snapdragon S2.
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Source: AndroidAuthority