I remember when I was four years old. The world was a scary place, but it was also exciting and I wanted to explore it. Of course, Androids age differently than humans so the fact that "Andy" just turned four yesterday probably means something different to him than it does to us humans. From one perspective, an Android could live easily for 1000 years or more; however, on the flipside of that, Android devices outlive their usefulness a lot sooner as well. Nowadays it seems like the useful lifespan of an Android is about 4-5 years at most (and that is being generous). So, because of that, Androids are both older and younger than us regular people.

At any rate, it was on September 23rd of 2008 that the Android team unveiled its 1.0 SDK, release 1. Since then we have gone through many evolutions and the current version of Android has become a slick and very useful product to power our mobile devices. Regardless of how old in human years our amazing "Andy" really is, we are so glad that he is here for us now. Cheers to Android!

Thanks for the tip/reminder, armeddroid! Everyone give armeddroid a thank you for reminding us!