Last Week, we shared a rumor that the Optimus G, the new quad-core powered super-phone from LG, might actually come out as the first LG Nexus device. As intriguing as an LG Optimus Nexus was to us, we mostly wrote off the rumor as fanboy speculation, and didn't expect to hear anything more about it. We were mistaken.

Apparently, there is a new rumor regarding the same thing, but this seems more plausible. The new intel suggests that LG will in fact release an Optimus Nexus, and that it will be a variant of their own LG Optimus G. This new "rumint" goes hand in hand with other reports that HTC may be developing a 5-inch "phablet" Nexus device, and there is even rumblings of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 (model GT-I9260).

Of course, this could still be all just over-excited fanboy dreams running rampant, but it does tie into the rumors we heard earlier in the year that Google was planning to develop more Nexus programs with all the other OEMs. This tiny string of connections and possibilities certainly has us excited!

Source: AndroidAuthority