Of course, whenever there are bragging rights it's our duty to report them. Apparently, IHS iSuppli recently did a teardown study of the display for both the Samsung Galaxy S III and the new iPhone 5. On purely technical merits, the results of the study favor the display on the SGS3 over the iPhone 5. According to their report, the active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display of the SGS3 is thinner and produces more color than the low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on the iPhone 5. More specifically, the iPhone 5's display produces 72% of the full gamut of NTSC colors and is 1.5mm thick, while the SGS3 produces 100% of the full range of colors and is 1.1mm thick.

The articles on this subject, as well as the folks who performed the study, quickly pointed out that these improved technical specifications of the SGS3 over the iPhone 5 do not necessarily guarantee that users will have an improved overall experience with the visuals on either device. In fact, it is unlikely that the average consumer will be able to tell much of a difference between the two. In the end, it's great to see two competitors pushing each other to innovate and improve. It's too bad it can't stay in the marketplace and is all over the court system too.

Source: S3Forums via ComputerWorld