This morning we have a treat for you guys. Just last night two sets of pics leaked that are supposedly of the new LG Optimus Nexus device. These pics go a long way toward confirming all the previous rumors, but we still are calling this a rumor until we see something official. Of course, the rumors are coming in "hot and heavy" now, so it is looking pretty legit. This LG device supposedly has the internal name "mako" and the model number, E960. This model number matches one of the FCC rumors from last week. Also, the "mako" name fits in with the shark naming convention of previous Nexus phones.

One other interesting thing to note about these pics is that the version of Android on the device shows up as Android 4.1.2, and not Android 4.2, as previous rumors suggested. Obviously, this does not necessarily mean that the Android 4.2 version will show up on the final device, but we will have to sait and see. Luckily we don't have long to wait because we should probably know something by the end of the month. As always we will keep you apprised.

Because there were so many pics, we only included two of them in this post, but to see this rest, check out this link here: Several Pics Emerge of the Rumored LG Nexus Phone

Source: AndroidPolice and TalkAndroid