How does controlling your TV with your voice instead of a traditional remote sound? Supposedly that may be exactly what the next iteration of Google TV may bring. A video demo of features for the next version of Google TV leaked out temporarily, but before it was yanked folks got to see some of Google's plans for the future. Probably the most stand-out new feature is full voice-control for the product. Here's a quote with some of the details,

For example, there’s big improvements to Search, which now lets you use voice commands to surface content far more effectively than before.

You can shout ‘Mad Men’, and it will peruse programmes on live TV, Netflix, YouTube and so on. Moreover, you can also search by genre – shout ‘comedies’, and it’ll bring up all the funny flicks at your disposal, and it will let you jump straight into certain channels by shouting their name, i.e. “HBO”, automatically loading that channel. It’s not just about content though, you can also bring up apps and websites through voice commands, such as “Google Maps”.

Another key feature is a mini-guide, which lets you plan what you’re watching next whilst still watching your current programme. It opens up at the bottom of the screen, so you can line it up for after.
One other interesting feature was teased, the video also demoed tablet connectivity. This would basically allow a Google TV to relay content over to a smaller display on your tablet, like SmartGlass.

Although Google TV has been mostly a fledgling flop (as far as sell-through numbers are concerned), it's great to see that Google hasn't given up on it, and that it may, in fact have a very bright future. Who else is looking forward to this?

Source: Google TV v3 teaser: More Effective Voice Search