Although you can hardly call this test scientific or unbiased, supposedly according to their own internal tests, LG claims that their new flagship phone, the LG Optimus G has better battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S III. Here's a quote with the scoop,

Both devices have 2,100 mAh battery packs, but LG claims the higher density of its unit and the improved chemistry allowed for better results.

The tests were presumable done on equal footing - 50% screen brightness, full battery charge, with both phones connected to LG's U+ network. The results are as follows - 15.8 consecutive hours of talk on the Optimus G, compared to 9.5 hours on the Galaxy S III. The official specs of both phones are 15 hours of talk time in 3G mode for the G, and 11.5 hours for the S III, though.

Optimus G also recorded and played videos for 3.8 hours and 7.9 hours, respectively, whereas the Galaxy S III managed 2.8 hours recording and 7.3 of video playback.

The reason for this frugality was demonstrated for reporters playing PSY's "Gangnam Style" video, and while playing a 1.8 GB video game - in both cases the Optimus G showed lower power consumption compared to the Galaxy S III
What do you guys think? If their tests can be confirmed by a third party would this make you even more excited about this device?

Source: PhoneArena