Here's a story that came in late Friday from TheVerge, but bears reporting even after the weekend. Apparently, a lucky consumer already got their hands on the Google Nexus 7 32GB version. The tab isn't supposed to go on sale until October 29th, but this crafty customer took back an 8GB version and upgraded to the next step up by paying the difference. Somehow he was able to finagle the store into handing him the 32GB model instead of the 16GB one. This is apparently because the 16GB model is not the one that will be phased out.

Apparently, at least according to Staples, the 8GB model will be dropped, and the 16GB model will replace it at the $199 price-point, while the 32GB will replace the 16GB model at the $249 price-point. It seems to me that several of our astute members have suggested precisely this scenario. Nice call guys!

Source: via TheVerge