Many of our members have been anxiously awaiting when the Verizon announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Note II would come. Indirectly, that announcement has finally come. Verizon just put the Galaxy Note 2 up for preorder on their website lat last night (confirming earlier rumors we reported) for $299.99 on contract. They also shared that the guesstimated "ship by" date is November 27th. It's possible it might come before or after that date for folks who bravely pre-order, but it most likely means Nov. 27th will be the final retail launch date will be that day.

As we shared with you last night, Samsung held a press event in New York last night with Kanye West attending. Sometime after the event they released the above promo video for the device, and we thought it worth sharing as a nice teaser. Below we have a link to the Verizon pre-order page for the GNote2. Enjoy!

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Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - 4G LTE Smartphone | Verizon Wireless