The full system image for the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available for download. This one is system image (Odin .tar file) I605VRLI3 for the G-Note2. Rumor has it that this software has some multi-window files embedded within. This could point to the possibility that the VZW version of this device will have the cool multi-window features built-in, even when the T-Mobile version does not. Of course, even though you can grab the download now, we have about a month to go before we actually get our hands on the device itself. Sadly, it doesn't look like Verizon has changed their stripes on the unlocked boot-loader front, but of course we will alert CNN, the President and the Kremlin should that particular snowball find its way through the burning pits.

Download: Verizon G-Note2 System Image

Source: Note2Forum via XDA