Until we can get our hands on the Nexus 10, the best we can hope for is screenshots and press pics of the device. Unfortunately, press pics are usually doctored up, and naked "in the wild" shots are usually rejects from Mr. Blurry cam. Luckily, one of Google's employees is a budding photographer, and decided to practice his skills on the new Nexus 10. He wanted to take some shots with his Canon 5D Mk III DSLR camera that would really showcase the amazing quality of the super-hi-res display on the new Nexus 10. The results of his labor are fairly stunning, and only serve to make us drool over this device even more, after he shared them on his Google+ page.

There are four shots. Two of them show a static landscape background image with gorgeous color, and one of them is a closeup. The other two compare the new tablet directly to actual print magazines, and really show off just how clear and bright this new super-display will be on the Samsung made tablet.

Here's a link to all four pics: Images Showing Off The Amazing Image Quality of the Nexus 10 Display

Source: Google+ Romain Guy Nexus 10 Pics