For folks who were interested in how things were going for the OUYA Android gaming console, you will happy to learn that the device is still on track and scheduled for a March 2013 launch. The console is now in EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) phase, while December will see the first software developer kits (ODK) reaching early pledgers. Additionally, the company confirmed that they will be going with Jelly Bean instead of Ice Cream Sandwich, which makes the device even more enticing! Here's a quote with a few more details,

Developers interested in making their work available on OUYA consoles can even start their magic if they canít take the wait any longer. All youíll need to do that is a regular Tegra 3-powered Android tablet with Jelly Bean, as well as a quick glance on the set of instructions available here.

Developing OUYA games should be ďvery similar to developing standard Android gamesĒ, however youíll have to keep track of a few limitations and conditions. You can go crazy and make use of full screens and 1080p resolutions, but donít plan on using familiar back, menu or volume buttons. The touchpad will only support single touch, while push notifications will not find a good home on the consoles.

As for payments, the consoleís developers are still determined to make ďall gamesĒ free to download, although in-app purchases will be allowed. That might distress a couple of folks, but hey, you canít have it all. Also, letís be fair Ė we all love free games, but having only such content would have severely limited the consoleís potential.
Sound of in this thread if you are a developer who is interested in the OUYA.

Source: AndroidAuthority