The newest Quarter 3 IDC marketshare report is out for the tablet market, and Apple's marketshare was eroded by Android even further. Sales of the Apple iPad in Q3 are down to 50.4%, from 65.5%. This is a quarter-on-quarter drop of over 15%. Android tablet sales surged during this period, with Samsung, Amazon and Asus seeing the most gain.

Samsung's tablet sales rose 5.1 Million, which was a 115% increase from Q2 2012, and they grabbed a full 18.4% of the tablet market. Amazon grew their marketshare up to a total of 9%. Asus saw the largest percentage gain. Sales of the Nexus 7 (manufactured by Asus) helped propel them to 8.6% total marketshare which was a 242.9% jump from the previous quarter. According to the report, the tablet market grew 49.5% in Q3, which was a 6.7% improvement over the number posted in Q2.

Source: via AndroidAuthority