Although one could argue that Samsung's global brand identity is very good, apparently Samsung wants to improve it, if the newest rumors are true. According to industry intel, Samsung may be planning to introduce a “more vibrant international brand image" at CES in 2013. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Samsung is planning something special for CES 2013, and although we’re sure many new products will be among them, a rumored overhaul of the company’s branding may take center stage.

The news comes from a report published by Channel News in Australia, and quotes anonymous sources who say Samsung is almost ready to unveil a “more vibrant international brand image.” While the specifics aren’t discussed, the familiar blue Samsung oval will be replaced, and each part of Samsung’s business will get its own individual color that will be used in its advertising.

On the subject of advertising, this will shift from being based around features and benefits, to focus instead on “lifestyle activities.”

According to Channel News’ sources, the man at the helm of this ambitious project is Scott Bedbury, CEO of brand development consultancy Brandstream. This is a fascinating choice, and if anyone can enhance Samsung’s already well-established brand image, it’s Bedbury.
It may be interesting to see where they take this... What do you think?

Source: Note2Forum via Digital Trends