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This isn't exactly news that is directly related to this site, but we thought it was cool enough to share with you guys regardless. If you just can't wait for a set of Android-Powered Project Glass Google Goggles, and you have quite a bit of cash to burn, then Oakley has a fairly impressive simulacrum of that yet to be launched device. They are a set of high-teck goggles for skiers called the Airwave, and they retail for $599.99. While that price is a tough pill to swallow, the features are cutting edge. The Airwave googles can directly link to your Android device and offer a sharp-looking heads up display (HUD). Here's a quote with some more details, and a video above of the very "cyberpunk" looking goggles.

Essentially, the screen inside the goggles is placed close enough to your eye that it gives the appearance of a 14-inch monitor being viewed from 5 feet away. Live feeds include location, speed, distance, incoming calls, messages, music playlists, altitude and more.

As noted above, the Airwave goggles pair to the Android device in your pocket via a Bluetooth app. Oh, and yes, other than the high-tech Android goodness inside the goggles, the device is also paired with high-quality Oakley anti-fog lenses, lightweight construction, and moisture wicking materials capable of surviving the elements.
Just imagine what sort of cool tech we will see in just a couple more years!

Source: TGDaily