When you see news like this, it just makes you wonder if you are living in a whole different dimension than other people. Apparently, there is a dimension where logic and reason are replaced by idiocy and madness. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently awarded a patent to Apple for literally a rounded rectangle. (Feel free to facepalm repeatedly now.)

The specifics of the patent relate to the iPad's "ornamental" design feature encapsulated in US Patent D670,286 for a "Portable display device." Here's a quote with some additional detail,

The '286 patent awarded on Tuesday appears to give Apple the exact patent the Samsung and Apple critics have erroneously claimed that the '889 patent was. The patent includes a number of drawings of the original iPad design, with most of its uniquely identifying features in dashed lines. As stated in the patent description, "broken lines in the Figures show portions of the portable display device which form no part of the claimed design."

The only unbroken line in all the figures is the outline of the flat, rounded rectangular front face of the device. All the other identifiable features, such as the speaker grille, round home button, display size, Dock connector, or even its curved back, are not covered by this design patent.
It's important to note that it is unlikely this patent will actually make much difference for Apple in the courtroom, because there are almost no competitors creating devices that are direct duplicates of Apple's design. Still, the fact that an actual thinking human being made this decision says sad things about the survival of our species...

Source: ArsTechnica