We thought it would be useful to share an Op-ed with our favorite primary reasons for choosing a Google Nexus 10 tablet over an iPad (of any variety). Obviously, we realize that most of you guys are huge Android fans anyway since you are a member of this forum, so for some that is the best reason. Still, for anyone out there looking for a full-sized tablet instead of the eBook-sized 7-Inch tablets, then here are seven of the best reasons why you should consider the Nexus 10 over the iPad:

  1. It has a very competitive price. The newest iPad (gen-4) is $499.99 for the base 16GB model. The equivalent storage space model of the Nexus 10 is $100 bucks cheaper at $399.99. In fact, if you reverse that perspective, and compare the Nexus 10 to the iPad Mini, then you can get a 10-inch device that is only $70 bucks more than Apple's 7-incher.

  2. The display on the new Nexus 10 is superior in every way. Now, that is not to say that the the display on the iPad 3 or the iPad 4 is poor. These versions of the iPad have a gorgeous display; however, with the Nexus 10, not only are all the "nerd-stats" literally higher in every way (higher resolution and higher pixels per inch, and it is even slightly bigger at a true 10-inches), but when you stare at the Nexus 10, it is noticeable how much more vibrant and brilliant the display appears. Since 100% of what you do with your tablet (unless you use it as an expensive paper-weight) will be staring at the screen, then you want to get the best you can.

  3. The internet and browsing performance is faster on the Nexus 10. This is due to the MIMO support built-in to the device (as long as you are comparing the WiFi only versions). The Multiple-input, Multiple-output (MIMO) WiFi of the Nexus 10 insures that your experience with the tablet will "feel" faster, simply because webpages will load more quickly and apps will download more quickly. Obviously, if you intend to go with a 3G or 4G version of the tablet you choose, then this reason is rendered moot.

  4. The Nexus 10 will have built-in support for the entire Google ecosystem. That means easy access to all your gmail, the Google Play Store, your Google cloud services, Google Maps and many other things that Apple is increasingly locking out for their customers. While we admit that sometimes the apps for Android are not as polished as what is available for iOS, that is slowly changing, and in fact, the Google Play Store is closing in on 800,000 apps available. Furthermore, Google is working better with developers to try and improve on how well their apps integrate with tablets versus smartphones.

  5. The Nexus 10 has built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) and Android Beam. This allows wireless transmissions and communication between all of your Android devices, and even more. In fact, as long as your local retail shop supports it, you can use your Nexus 10 tablet to pay for a product or service using Google Wallet or one of the other emerging NFC based payment systems.

  6. The Nexus 10 has multiple user sign-on, which the iPad does not. This is a handy new feature that allows your friends and family members to borrow your device without disrupting what you are doing, and giving you the extra privacy you want.

  7. The final reason to choose a Nexus 10 over the iPad, is that its physical design is actually superior to the iPad. Now, some might scoff at this assertion, because the iPad is an attractive device. Furthermore, most folks who first see the Nexus 10 find it to be a little bit odd-looking. However, we are not referring to aesthetics. That odd-looking shape on the Nexus 10 is what makes it really stand out as soon as you hold one in your hands. It is lighter and feels far more natural to hold than the iPad. That gentle curvature sits in the hands in just the right way. Also, the rubberized backing feels comfortable and provides extra grip, which gives you more confidence so you are less likely to drop the device. Overall, the research they did in making the Nexus 10 a truly comfortable mobile hand-held device really pays off. Since you will likely be holding the device for lengthy periods of time while using it, this is a feature that should not be over-looked.

Obviously, many of these claims are fairly subjective, so we definitely invite you to try out each device (once the Nexus 10 actually hits store shelves), and see for yourself. Overall, Google and Samsung have created a very compelling and competitive device with the Nexus 10, and any user who wants to have a full-sized 10-inch device will likely be quite happy with it.

Source: NexusTablets.net